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Sr. Design and Project Engineer
Plumbing and Fire Fighting System

A Senior Design Engineer specializing in Plumbing and Fire Fighting Systems at NBTC (Naser Mohamed Al-Baddah Trading & Contracting Co.) in Kuwait. Having extensive experience in designing, executing, and installing these systems in residential, commercial, and military projects, including US military warehouses and aircraft hangers. Proficient in AutoCAD, hydraulic calculations, seismic brace design, and various fire protection and plumbing codes like NFPA and UFC.

At NBTC, has been involved in major projects such as the Kuwait F-18 E/F Super Hornet project at Al Jaber Air Base and APS 500 Warehouses in Camp Arifjan. Role includes creating design and shop drawings, performing hydraulic calculations, and ensuring compliance with relevant codes and regulations.

Experienced in Fire Protection design for high-rise residential and commercial buildings for North American clients.

Professional Profile


Designed and created drawings for following indicating material list, location, elevation and installation details of piping, fittings and all associated equipment.

1) Fire Protection Design of Warehouse and Aircraft Hangers
2) Perform Hydraulic Calculation in Elite and HASS software
3) Seismic Brace design
& Calculations for Fire Fighting System
4) Create Shop Drawings Fire Fighting System as per NPFA 13.

5) Involved in cost estimation and tendering works for KOC,              KNPC and USACE Projects.
6) Prepare Fire Fighting design drawings and material list for
          submitting to Kuwait Fire Brigade and follow up for approvals.
7) Design of Fire Protection System for high-rise buildings for          North American clients

8) Worked under the guidance of Professional Engineer (PE) for      Fire Fighting system.


Through knowledge of UPC, NSPC, NFPA, KFD and UFC (United States Codes for Military projects).




A dedicated, determined  Mechanical Engineer experienced in Design, Execution and Installation of Plumbing and Fire Fighting System in residential and commercial buildings.

Skilled at formulating and implementing equipment designs, installations and testing as per project specifications and requirements.




Design of Plumbing and Fire Fighting System for residential, commercial, warehouse and aircraft hanger projects.


Creating design and shop drawings in AutoCAD.


Perform hydraulic calculations for fire fighting system and plumbing calculations.


Seismic bracing design and calculations.




Successfully completed residential, commercial building, warehouse and aircraft hanger projects in design and execution of Plumbing and Fire Fighting system. 

a) Reviewed design given by DOR / Client / Consultants
b)Design overhead sprinkler system (Maintenance and Corrosion Control Hangers) and then balanced overhead sprinkler and grate nozzle Foam System
c) Perform combined hydraulic calculations for Foam and Overhead Sprinkler System

d) Performed seismic brace calculations as per NFPA 13

Toilet Design WS -1 Iso_Page_1.png
Water Supply Isometric Diagram
Toilet Design -1 Iso_Page_1.png
Drainage Isometric Diagram
Two Zone System_001.png

Standpipe Two Zone System:

In high-rise buildings, a standpipe system is often divided into multiple zones to ensure adequate water pressure and flow throughout the structure. This division is especially crucial for taller buildings where a single zone might not provide sufficient pressure for firefighting operations at the higher levels

Composite Drawings Sample_Page_1.png
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